Tidy JSON - JSON Pretty Printer/Colorer

Tidy JSON is a console-based syntax highlighter and pretty printer for JSON text (RFC 4627). Below is a screenshot of Tidy JSON in action:


Tidy JSON can format JSON text stored in a file or supplied over standard input. To format JSON text in a file, simply specify the path to the file as the program argument. If no file path is specified then Tidy JSON expects JSON text to arrive over standard input. Use the --help argument for full usage and help.

Tip: To format JSON text downloaded as part of an HTTP transaction, use wget and pipe the output to tidyjson. To format JSON text from any application or in web pages, copy the selection to the clipboard, paste it to the standard output using Clipboard Tool and then pipe to tidyjson.



Hilite requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to run and supports the same set of operating systems as the runtime.

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