DHCP Objects

IMPORTANT! DHCP Objects ships with the Windows 2000 Resource Kits. As with all tools in resource kits, it is unsupported by Microsoft and so you must use it at your own risk. I wrote DHCP Objects during my employment at Microsoft. It was only designed to work with Windows NT 4.0 and tested up to Service Pack 2. Please do not contact me for any support issues.

DHCP Objects is an automation object-model library for the Microsoft DHCP server. It allows administrators and developers to write applications and scripts to administer a DHCP server remotely. It provides enhanced capabilities over dhcpcmd.exe (a tool included in the Microsoft Windows 2000 Support Tools), such as the ability to remove a DHCP lease.

DHCP Objects is implemented as an in-process server (DLL) exposing ActiveX Objects (previously known as OLE Automation objects) as dual COM interfaces. All objects are accessible from advanced automation controllers such as Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, and Microsoft Visual J++, as well as from scripting languages like VBScript and JavaScript (provided that the scripting host application provides a way to create ActiveX objects). The DHCP objects may be accessed remotely via DCOM or Remote Automation, so 16-bit, 32-bit and Web-based applications can use it to administer any DHCP server on a given network.

DHCP Object Automation Model

Microsoft has made a number of Windows 2000 Resource Kits tools available for download. However, DHCP Objects is not included in there (probably because it was not designed for Windows 2000 even though that's the Resource Kits in which it ended up shipping). I have found the dynawell web site, though, that is offering DHCP Objects for download.