DBMethods is a library that allows you to express parameterized SQL and stored procedures as managed code functions in your language of choice (Visual C#, Visual Basic and others) using Microsoft .NET Framework. Just as Platform Invoke (P/Invoke) allows you to call unmanaged code APIs in platform libraries (DLLs) by supplying a compatible method definition in managed code, DBMethods allows you to call stored procedures and parameterized SQL in a database by defining a compatible method definition in managed code.

“Wow, really very, very cool. I stepped through the code gen; very very slick.”—Richard Hale Shaw

Unlike many products already on the market, DBMethods does not rely on templates or scriptable code generators. Instead, it simply makes use of the innovative features of the Common Language Runtime (CLR) like metadata, reflection services, custom attributes and dynamic code emission. The biggest benfit of DBMethods over classic code generation is that it puts the developer in full control of the code. In fact, since DBMethods approaches the problem at a farily low level, it can even be used as a complementary approach to wizards and scriptable code generators.



Download v1.0.3910
Requires Windows Installer 2.0
Approximate Size: 594 KB
Alternate download that includes Windows Installer 2.0 Bootstrapper
Approximate Size: 3.4 MB
Download VS.NET 2003 Supplement
Requires Windows Installer 2.0
Approximate Size: 301 KB
This setup does not include DBMethods v1.0.3910. You must install it prior to this supplement.
Visual C# and VB .NET Samples for v1.0.3910
Approximate Size: 91 KB

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